Balance your class offerings and expand what’s possible for your clients.




NuPower Studio Kit

Benefits to Students

increase strength and flexibility
increase lean muscle mass
increase cardiovascular endurance
enhanced yoga practice
create balance in body mind and spirit

Benefits to Studio

create a buzz in your community
have a unique studio offering
improve client attendance
improve client retention
increase new revenue
yoga with weights classes offer a gateway to other classes

NuPowerYoga Is a Good Fit For Your Studio If You:  

  • Want to offer your students a powerful combination of yoga + workout.  
  • Want to have full classes that empower your students.  
  • Want to attract clients that are outside of the yoga community.  
  • Want to include variety fun and balance into your studio schedule.  
  • Want to share with your community how to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Why Add A NuPowerYoga Class?

Medical practitioners recommend that all adults incorporate flexibility, strength training, balance, cardio and core training into their weekly routine. NuPowerYoga encompasses all of these elements in one class! A NuPower class unifies the yoga studio and the gym and gives your students the ability to develop lean muscle tone, enhanced flexibility and a cardio benefits in a one hour session.

“We’ve just had NuPowerYoga Training here in London at The House of Yoga. Linda & Lauren who facilitated the weekend training were awesome, they lead with passion and bought so much fun into the community. It really is a great concept that will attract new students through our doors who may never have thought about trying yoga. 

As a Baptiste Affiliated studio, we know we have made the right decision in bringing NuPowerYoga into the mix of things we do here at THoY, the team loved it, the community will love it when we introduce NuPower Classes to our weekly schedule In January, we can’t wait. 

Thank you NuPowerYoga!” – Jason Pooley, owner 

Want to offer NuPowerYoga in your studio space?

NuPower Yoga is a proven and effective strategy to serve your clients from a place of balance strength and flexibility.
Our Yoga Alliance, AFAA and NASM accredited program allows you to expand your teaching and share something amazing with your clients.
  • We will send a master NuPower trainer to lead you through the weekend
  • Trainings begin with an optional Master class Friday evening. Saturday is a full day 8-6 and Sunday 8-3
  • Our training qualifies for Continuing Education credits: Yoga Alliance 12 CEU, NASM 1.0 CE, AFAA 10 CE
  • Training includes 1 comped staff and a teacher of choice 1/2 price
  • Cost per participant $499. Our NuPower team will handle all registration details.
  • Studio receives 10 pairs of Nubells to host the training – five pairs of 2.5lb, five pairs 5.0lb
  • Promotional materials available upon request.
Each of your participants will receive a 5 lb pair of NuBells, a manual, a Nupower Yoga T-shirt and a Certificate of Training to submit to governing board. NuPowerYoga teachers receive a discount on NuBells and Dear Kate NPY logo yoga pants.