Innovative Nubell Technology

designed to be ergonomically optimal, delivering a difference you can feel.


provides even weight distribution around your hand


promotes balanced muscular action

Reduced Stress

alleviates stress & tension on your wrist & elbow

Unique Design

designed specifically for today’s excercises

What the Pros Say

“Not all Dumbbells are created equal.

NuBells’ circular design evenly distributes the weight around your entire hand removing stress and tension on the wrist and/or elbow.

They are designed with human biomechanics in mind – ergonomically optimal!” – Dr. Squat

Dr. Hatfield aKa Dr. Squat is a former multi-title American World Champion powerlifter and World Games Silver Medalist. He has written over 60 books and hundreds of articles in the areas of sports training, fitness, bodybuilding, and performance nutrition.  In the world of fitness his work and reputation is now legendary.

Join the Evolution

NuFit has reshaped personal fitness equipment for the 21st Century. The innovative product line was created to compliment the kinetic movement of an athlete, working naturally and efficiently with the body to reduce common training injuries resulting from the use of more traditional equipment.