Your Body Is In Love With You


Our bodies are amazing!

In a NuPower yoga class we say YES to Mind Body Spirit. NuBells allow balanced muscular action. NuPower classes balance yoga with weights and NuPower Nutrition balances your approach to eating in a way that is RIGHT FOR YOU!

Day after day our bodies work to bring us into health and balance. Nupower teaches that in all health related matters balance is always possible. It is how you stretch and lift, bend and move AND what you eat that collectively balances your health and life, and ultimately defines your inner being. Properly nourished, exercised and cared for, your body knows how to be healthy.

At NuPower Yoga we believe that Balance is a choice we make by moving our bodies and being mindful about what nourishes us.

Using the ancient sister sciences of Yoga & Ayurveda and the 21st century technology of NuBells NuPower yoga can create a plan for YOU that will compliment your bodies natural love for balanced health.

Until now you could lift weights OR you could do yoga. NuPowerYoga brings all that into balance. Let your strength meet flexibility.

Maybe you came to yoga for the workout. Maybe you came for healing. But chances are, if you are anything like us, your body is in love with movement.  And it wants a workout! NuPower was created from a deep love of the meditation in motion that yoga can offer combined with the finger twitching need to get our sweat on and challenge our muscles.

Balance is always possible. Nourish your body inside and out.The Nupower Yoga program was created by a team of professionals with your anatomy and physiology as top priority. Our team of PhD’s, Master specialist in joint mechanics, Yoga trainers and movement specialists have created a program to keep you safe, increase muscle flexibility and keep your bones strong and healthy. Increase muscle tone and flexibility, keep your bones healthy and strong, and improve your cardiovascular health.

That’s NuPower. NuPower combines Asana (Movement) with Ayurveda (Nutrition) – the ancient sister science of Yoga – in a singe cohesive package, dedicated to your health and wellness, our nutrition program was developed by a Clinical Specialists in Ayurveda. We have created a nutrition plan designed specifically to bring your body into balance. Our extended team includes Health Coaches, Nutrition experts and even an Integrative chef.

“I really love NuPower.

 It incorporates strength, flexibility core and relaxation all in one hour. Its my favorite class of all time.”

Susan F. Physical Therapist.