pitta dosha

**The dragon**



“Let’s cut the small talk, OK? I can’t stand that stuff. Total waste of time, if you ask me. I’m here to talk about Pitta dosha. I have three points to make. I’m going to make them, ensure that you understand, and then efficiently move on to my next appointment. A lot of people depend on me and I’m quite busy so let’s keep it moving. OK, I’m ready, are you?”

Pitta dosha, made up predominantly of the Fire element (with just a touch of water), is a hot, light, dry and unstable energy. In the body and mind, Pitta dosha rules digestion and transformation. Individuals high in Pitta dosha digest not only food quickly, but also information and experiences. Ayurveda sees nutrition as coming in through all five senses and all of that sensory input is digested and transformed into who you are; Pitta is responsible for this process. It also rules disorders of the blood, liver and skin.

Like a dragon scorching a path through unchartered territory, Pitta dosha is courageous and ambitious. This is the energy we feel when we take on a new job or role in life and need to act like a trailblazer. Think of the clear, visionary power of a fearless leader and you get a sense of Pitta dosha.


 Joyous and hilarious


 Sustainably efficient



Physically and mentally inflamed

Prone to diarrhea or loose stools

Plagued by various skin imbalances from acne to hives to sunburn

Burnt out from their own intensity



Adopt a more chillaxed pace in all areas of life

Eat three solid, good-sized meals every day

Eat cooling and hydrating foods, like basmati rice, dairy, and green vegetables

Use Pitta pacifying spices, like coriander, cardamom, and fennel

Practice regular moderate exercise

Internally say the mantra “cool, calm, moderate” to yourself

Cultivate compassion and non-judgment

Pitta: qualities reflecting the elements fire and water.

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