Vata dosha

**The butterfly**

Motion and space

“Hi! I’m Vata dosha! I’m super excited to be here today! Sorry I’m late, but I just got distracted by this other totally awesome thing on my way here. That happens to me a lot! Which reminds me of this story…Oh never mind, where was I?”

Vata dosha, made up of the elements Air and Ether, is cold, dry, light, and mobile. In the body, it rules what Air and Ether rule, space and motion. As a physiological energy, this means it is responsible for the movement of the blood in the veins, the motion of the limbs, our reflexes, and the speed with which thoughts move through the mind. Basically, any type of movement in the body or mind involves Vata dosha. If you are thinking that this makes Vata a very powerful dosha, you are correct! In fact, Vata is called the “King of the Doshas” for that very reason.

Vata energy in excess is what we feel when we get overly enthusiastic or nervous. Frequently, people feel this energy increase when they travel, as well. Think of a butterfly, fluttering around in all different directions, easily changing course and constantly in motion, and you get a sense of Vata dosha.


 Extremely creative

 Vivacious and enthusiastic

 Able to focus and sustain energy well


Fearful, restless and nervous

 Constipated, gassy, and bloated



Eat meals at the same time, every day
Make sure your meals are warm, nourishing and well-spiced
Avoid cold beverages and sip warm tea throughout the day instead
Practice slow, gently heating yoga, like slow sun salutations
Walk and drive more slowly
Listen to smooth, evenly paced music, like kirtan or reggae
Cultivate faith

Vata: qualities reflecting the elements space and air.

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